1. How do I change my order?

If you want to change the style, change the shipping address or change the delivery date and time, please call whatsapp 51103725 at least 72 hours before delivery, and will not accept the phone change order. Each order can be changed free of charge once, and a $100 surcharge will be charged for each change.


Please attach your

1. Shipping date

2. Order person mobile

* Change the order within 72 hours before delivery, depending on the situation, the store has the right not to accept and can not return the money. If a change can be arranged, an additional $100 surcharge will apply.


2. I need your flower products next Friday, when will I book at the latest?

The fastest time we send out the flower product is 24 hours after the order is placed, but there may be a higher chance of out of stock for some special varieties.

Please kindly ask the customer to place an order as soon as possible, and adequate preparation is a prerequisite for a beautiful product.

When it is too urgent, some of the flowers may be out of stock, we will communicate with the guests to replace the flowers (the process is very complicated). Guests will also worry about the shape after replacing the flowers, causing unnecessary trouble.

By placing an order three days prior to shipment, we can ensure that all online orderable products are delivered at their best, such as photos



3. How long can the bouquet be kept? Can I take the flower one day earlier and use it the next day?

All the flowers are freshly transported daily from the supplier to the port. Because the cut flowers usually interrupt the water during the transportation, we will let the flowers absorb enough water and nutrient solution to make the bouquet.


The bouquet can be stored in a ventilated environment for 2-4 days. Simply add the right amount of water directly above the bouquet (100ml a day).